Change the Game – EIF 2017

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Over 240 senior executives from the international insurance industry gathered in Croke Park last week at the European Insurance Forum (EIF 2017), a premier European conference in the re/insurance calendar.

As a leading provider of spatial solutions to the insurance sector in IrelandGamma was one of the proud sponsors of EIF 2017, showcasing Perilfinder™, its risk assessment and accumulations reporting tool for insurance professionals.

This year’s theme, “Change the Game”, reflected the significant trends which will shape the insurance industry over the next few years. The key topics included the impact of Brexit and the Trump presidency on the insurance sector and the shifts in the geopolitical landscape, the low interest rate environment, the changing tax landscape, technology trends that are revolutionising the traditional landscape of the industry, and the regulatory framework of EU insurance companies, Solvency II.

Keynote speaker Paul Mason said, “Insurance is a risk assessment business and increasingly we are seeing a change internationally from economic risk to political risk. In Europe alone, the stakes in each election are getting higher both for their domestic impacts and what they mean for the European project. Having an understanding of these dynamics is critical for any business.”

@ 2017 by Monika Ghita

About Gamma Location Intelligence

Gamma is a cloud-hosted solutions provider that integrates software, data and services to help our clients reduce risk through location intelligence. Established in Dublin, Ireland, in 1993, the company focuses heavily on leading-edge R&D including spatially aware AI and machine learning. Gamma has grown to become a market leader in the provision of location intelligence systems and services. Perilfinder™, Gamma’s risk mapping platform, is a cloud-hosted property-level risk assessment tool for sub-second assessment of environmental risk. Building on its market leading position across the island of Ireland, Perilfinder™ has recently extended its innovative platform to include the UK through partnerships with the major risk data providers.