Gamma’s Perilfinder™ Expands Coverage

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Gamma has agreed a partnership with JBA Risk Management to deliver their European flood data through its innovative Perilfinder™ insurance platform. The deal will allow Gamma to roll out its platform to P&C insurance clients across EMEA and bring the fast, intuitive benefits of the combined solution to many more markets.

CEO, Feargal O’Neill stated that “Gamma has been working with JBA for over 10 years, after first searching for a premium flood data supplier for the insurance sector. We quickly identified JBA as the best in class and in our time working together we have found JBA to be proactive, innovative and responsive. We are delighted to deepen our relationship with JBA, bringing our cloud and API capabilities along with JBA’s data to insurance clients outside of the UK and Ireland.”

Large datasets such as flood data consist of terabytes of data, and can be cumbersome to work with and analyse. We are experts in cloud-hosted location intelligence solutions. We build highly responsive APIs which make it easy and cost effective to incorporate large and complex datasets into platforms and analytics.

JBA’s Managing Director, Simon Waller, said: “As global leaders in flood risk management, we’re delighted to be contributing to Gamma’s world-class Perilfinder™ insurance platform. At JBA, we’re passionate about making leading science useable. Perilfinder™ enables just that – providing insurers easy access to our market leading European flood risk intelligence.”

Because of our unique cloud capabilities, our webservices allow for sub-second response times.

We present complex data in a format that is easy to use and allows for insights to be derived in seconds.

Good for Customers

Customers benefit from the most accurate information available at their fingertips, integrated into their own systems or provided as web services.

Great for Underwriters

Insurers can visualise the data through the Perilfinder™ platform for underwriters or access the underlying data in a quick and efficient way through APIs.

Who is JBA Risk Management?

JBA is the global leader in flood risk management. JBA’s flood maps, catastrophe models and analytics are used by some of the world’s largest insurers, reinsurers, financial institutions, property companies and governments. They’re part of one of the biggest and best global flood consultancies, employing over 500 experts who work with clients around the world. Their team is a collaboration of scientists who use their expertise to help keep us at the forefront of technical innovation.

For Gamma, the key JBA products are their flood hazard maps. These give a ‘return period’ for a variety of flood types (river, coastal, surface water, frequency, and severity), which is an indicator of how often each type of flood might happen. The maps also contain information on flood depth. This information is critical for insurance companies. For us, this is a key dataset that builds upon our geocoding expertise. Being able to quickly and correctly locate an address is a key Gamma capability — assessing that location for a range of perils, including flood, is what drives our business up the value chain.

What is Perilfinder™?

Our Perilfinder risk-mapping platform is a global cloud-hosted underwriting solution used by insurers to assess environmental and other risks. Perilfinder™ is a complete risk assessment and reporting solution for underwriters, incorporating address matching, rooftop-level geocoding, risk and accumulation scoring, and spatial catastrophe models. Technically advanced yet user-friendly, Perilfinder™ helps its users control their risk portfolios by better managing policy accumulations and through identifying geographical perils in real time.

Perilfinder™ is a world-class, no-fuss, intuitive and feature-rich location intelligence system.

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About Gamma

Gamma is a Location Intelligence (LI) solutions provider; we integrate software, data and services to help our clients reduce risk through better decision-making. Gamma was established in 1993 and was the first company to develop LI for the private sector in Ireland. The company has expanded to become a global provider of cloud-hosted LI systems, micro-marketing solutions and related services. Gamma Location Intelligence’s Perilfinder™ risk mapping platform is the number one underwriting solution used by Irish insurers to assess environmental risk.