Future of Open Data Strategy Workshop

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A Case Study in the Commercial Use of Open Data:

AddressLink: a Single Source API for Property Data​

As Open Data becomes prevalent and adoption increases, how to face the challenges in generating and using it, and how best to take advantage of the widening availability and deepening integration of open data into workflows becomes more important than ever. 

I was recently asked to speak at The Department of Public Sector Reform’s ‘Future of Open Data Strategy Workshop’ in Dublin. In my talk, I set out how we at Gamma are using Open Data to assist with the build out of our AddressLink APIs.

We faced a range of challenges, from incomplete coverage leaving gaps in datasets to be filled by modelling, to quality issues that require an ever increasing set of automated and manual rules and checks that we perform on data prior to publication to the API.

The marketplace is in an especially wide state of flux at the moment. There are evolving legislative requirements, new client needs, new customer expectations, and a host of new tools and models are springing up to meet these challenges. Underpinning a lot of this is the change in how we generate, consume and manage data, particularly open data. I talked about this a bit further during the roundtable part of the workshop including some words on the 4 V’s of Data: Volume, Variety, Veracity and Value, all of which present their own challenges. 

Overall it was an excellent event, the future looks bright, the future looks open. 

Earlier this year I also appeared in a promotional video for data.gov.ie, you can see that here:

Further detail of the AddressLink product can be viewed via the below webinar recording & webinar overview blog. Alternatively, please connect with a Gamma representative to gain insight on the data.

ADDRESSLINK: A new single-source property data API for the island of Ireland

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