The Irish Climate Tech Opportunity 2023

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The recent publication (as of January 2023) by PwC Ireland and SustainabilityWorks Ireland of their Irish Climate Tech Opportunity 2023 report included two brands that are close to hearts – namely, Gamma Location Intelligence (Gamma LI) and BERWOW. 

The report provides details on a number of organisations operating in the Climate Tech space across of range of solution types – from Energy, Mobility and Transport, through to Industry, Manufacturing, Food and Agriculture. 

Perhaps unsurprising – given our focus on climate-related impacts on property and property-related risks – both  Gamma LI and BERWOW are featured in the section focusing on the built environment. 

However, regardless of the area of expertise assigned to those that this report is aimed at, the key takeaways apply to us all:

1. Climate Tech solutions exist and are thriving: 

In Ireland – as across many countries – there is an existing, thriving and dynamic Climate Tech sector with a track record of success – of which, Gamma Location Intelligence and BERWOW are deemed innovation leaders. 

2. Demand must step up and realise that action is needed NOW: 

Given the urgency of the climate crisis – combined with the limited amount of time in which we can make a meaningful impactmeans that adoption of Climate Tech solutions needs to go further, faster.  

3. Collaboration at all levels – regardless of additional incentive – is key: 

Denmark is held up as an exemplar that all countries can learn from – with its ‘State of Green’ initiative connecting entrepreneurs, corporates, regulators and investors in the progression of Climate Tech innovation. 

And if proof is needed, Denmark has more than halved its CO2 emissions since 1996. 

It’s way past the time to wake up… 

Image: The Irish Climate Tech ecosystem (Sustainability Works and PwC Ireland)

Solving business challenges through the use of spatial – or location – data analysis is the cornerstone of the Gamma LI brand.  

Applying that approach to solving environmental problems has been a natural extension of what we do as a business from the outset.  

Our team of data scientists, developers and consultants collect and analyse property-level data, creating cloud-based solutions with maps to address government and industry problems. Whether it is helping insurance providers understand the risk of environmental damage to a property or helping retailers decide on store locations – Gamma LI’s solutions are being used in a range of situations to better enable decision making across a variety of business environments. 

Climate Change Management and Reporting (CCMR) is crucial to many of the customers we support in markets where property (asset) resilience is fundamental. With the physical risk of climate change becoming a very real concern for homeowners and businesses alike, we enable businesses to uncover and understand their climate risk blind spots in order to build resilience and transition to net zero – not only the physical risk of floods, fires and droughts, but also the transitional and legislative risks.  

As a complimentary business to Gamma LI, Feargal O’Neill co-founded BERWOW in 2017. 

BERWOW’s cloud-hosted app harnesses the power of public BER (or EPC in the UK) certificate data to provide retrofit dashboards and calculators to homeowners. The homeowner simply inputs their BER certificate number into the app and the system pulls the relevant BER data file, checks the current condition of the house (such as the level of insulation) and recommends best practice upgrade measures.

If you would like to learn more about what Gamma LI and/or BERWOW provide, then please get in touch either directly or via email at

@ 2023 by Jason Day

About Gamma Location Intelligence

Gamma Location Intelligence is a cloud hosted spatial solutions provider that integrates software, data and services to help our clients reduce risk through location intelligence. Established in Dublin, Ireland in 1993, and with offices in Manchester, UK and Bilbao, Spain, the company has expanded to become a global provider of innovative, cloud-hosted location intelligence solutions. Gamma Location Intelligence’s Perilfinder™ risk mapping platform provides property underwriters with access to trusted property-level risk data easily, quickly and accurately. 


BERWOW was established in 2017 to develop innovative software solutions that would use BER data to enable Irish householders to make informed decisions on deep energy retrofits for their dwellings. Its foundation brought together a unique blend of experts in building energy rating, retrofit finance and locational software solutions to create the BERWOW solution.