Storecast™ Newsletter – November 2017

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Plan, Optimise, Monitor and Market your Store Network

Storecast™ 4.0, UK & Ireland latest version is coming out in Q1 2018, now incorporating three SAAS modules:

Sentry – monitor your store network, competitor network, and changes in omnichannel trading patterns vs target performance.

Builder – design and rightsize your optimum store estate and assess impacts of new competitor store openings with one click template reports and powerful models. Find gaps in your network and see opportunity before the competition.

Prospector – support your stores and target your best prospects locally by generating location-specific direct marketing campaigns.

New Datasets

Storecast™’s vast market database is now updated with the most recent Census 2016, Household Budget Survey 2015–2016, and new INCA datasets allowing for time series profiling across the Censuses of 2011 and 2016 at small area level. Retail Point of Interest datasets are also continually refreshed with data on thousands of store locations.

Brand Model

Our new Brand Model estimates the expected over the counter market penetration for your stores at a neighbourhood level based on the location of your stores and your competitors. Use it to plot and target where the battles for market share are being fought.

Optimise Your Store Network in a New World of Omnichannel Retail

Times have changed and location planning now involves designing store networks and touch points that reflect the changing nature of retailing, with ever-evolving e-commerce models offering a multitude of interaction points. Retail location planning has become more complicated and multi-dimensional. It requires a broader and more flexible view on having a retail presence. Storecast™’s modular solution incorporates a site evaluation engine, omnichannel location analytics, dashboard reporting, predictive modelling and direct marketing tools in an intuitive, user-friendly system. If you have to consider your current and future estate – you should be considering Storecast™.

Featured Blog Posts

Ireland’s Changing Population

Ireland’s population is getting older, with the average age of 37.4 years. Shifts in demographic and expenditure patterns have a direct impact on our high streets, as retailers adapt to changed demand. Analysing & modelling these patterns is a core capability of our Storecast™ platform. Read More>

The Irish Grocery Store 2030: What Can We Expect?

The new tech-savvy consumer isn’t happy. He wants a better experience in physical stores as his expectations have risen due to conditioning from online retailing. He wants instant gratification. He demands faster transaction times and better interactions/service from the shopping trip. Read More>

The 2015–2016 Household Budget Survey at a Glance

Based on thousands of detailed expenditure diaries carried out over a year, the Household Budget Survey is used to update the basket of goods, and the item weights, that comprise the Consumer Price Index. In this blog we present some of the key findings from the survey. Read More>

See Storecast™ in Action

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About Storecast™

Gamma’s Storecast™ is a new concept in end-to-end store location analytics and reporting. From identifying suitable locations for new store openings and refurbishments to driving business to existing stores, Storecast™ offers the retailer an enterprise solution to ensure success and efficiency for their chain. Storecast™ combines world-class revenue-forecasting models, powerful mapping and graphics with an extremely powerful location intelligence platform to deliver unparalleled functionality, including site profiles for business case reporting and sales predictions based on market potential. Delivered as a SaaS solution or on-premise, Storecast™ offers a flexible and powerful enterprise solution for managing and growing your retail network.

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