Store Location Analysis & Management

Storecast™, is a retail network optimisation platform that leverages location intelligence, detailed digital mapping, predictive models and local market data to advise on retail location decisions. Fully cloud-hosted and dashboard driven, Storecast™ supports multi-branch retailers in optimising the locations and formats of their retail estate in a rapidly changing omnichannel retail landscape.

Designed to improve your retail performance…

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Design and rightsize your optimum store estate and assess impacts of new competitor store openings with one-click template reports and powerful models. Find gaps in your network and see opportunity before the competition.
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Monitor your store network, competitor network, and changes in omnichannel trading patterns vs target performance.
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Support your stores and target your best prospects locally by generating location-specific social media and direct marketing campaigns.

…helping many of your departments make the right decisions!

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Expansion Team

Reduce risk in selecting new locations and identify the best format and use of locations. Assess performance vs trading area potential and communicate site criteria to decision-makers.​

Management Team

Manage and rightsize your retail network. Keep track of the ever-changing retail landscape, minimising the risk of maintaining and developing locations with inappropriate formats.​

Marketing Team​

Reduce your costs and inefficiencies from social media advertising and direct mail vouchering. Use your current customer patterns to find new customers and to find existing customers to increase value from.​



See all your revenue channels on one dashboard; monitor and track over time.

Storecast™ analyses the broader omnichannel context, not just your store network, so you can monitor your store network, competitor network, and changes in omnichannel trading patterns.


Keep track of the ever-changing retail landscape.

Visualise opportunities and threats such as impact of competitor openings/closures, and market changes. Analyse competitor change impacts on your stores and specific customer groups.


Generate sophisticated reports to compare location options objectively.

Make informed decisions without input from external consultants. Monitor your network and identify changes before it’s too late.

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In terms of the economic impact of Covid-19, few would argue that the retail and hospitality sectors haven’t suffered most. And as with the pandemic itself, the retail categories with existing underlying issues are experiencing the severest impacts. Those with efficient store networks and established digital channels fared best. And the omnichannel balance will be just as crucial going forward.

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