Welcoming Eircode, Ireland’s new postcode system

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This week we discovered that Ireland’s new postcode system will be called Eircode. It’s a very exciting development in this project and one that will be music to the ears of business, government and anyone looking to get a more efficient way of running services and managing resources. Eircode is not only the name of the new codes, but also the name of the company that will be managing this ground breaking coding system.

Speaking at the launch, Liam Duggan, Business Development Director of Capita Ireland, which is managing Eircode, said: “We think Ireland will make a little bit of history next year with the launch of Eircode. We’re taking an exciting design leap in being able to give every house, office and building that receives mail its own personal Eircode. Each Eircode can be mapped to show its precise location anywhere in the country. It’s a new way of telling people precisely where you are, and how they can find you. Ireland is setting a new world standard with this design that will help bring many benefits to the daily lives of people, householders and businesses’.

Mr Duggan said that the general public do not have to do anything about the new Eircode right now or be concerned about it. It would be provided free to every household next year and Eircode will be issuing more information to the public about the system early in 2015.

A number of businesses and industry groups, including IBEC, Chambers Ireland and the Small Firms Association, have already welcomed the introduction of Eircode, highlighting the benefits it will bring to their business and to their customer services.

Eircode has said that it will be providing more details about the project in the coming months, and at Gamma we’re very excited about the prospect of looking at some sample data and getting to work with this new code.

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