Single customer view with eircode drives engaging interactions

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Your customers are important to you, everybody knows that. What everybody is trying to figure out is how to find out who your customers really are and how you can use that information to make your business more attractive to delight your customer base.

The problem at the heart of this question is customer data. Research shows that 40% of businesses have more than 80% of their customer data stored in separate systems across their organisation.

The solution lies in the creation of the Single Customer View (or Single Household View), which brings together insight gleaned from across the business and helps join the dots so the organisation can deliver targeted, engaging and relevant messages across an ecosystem of physical and digital channels.

The concept of the Single Customer View isn’t new, but now that multichannel and omni-channel are universal expressions, businesses need to cut through the noise generated even by their own organisation, to take customer engagement to the next level.

The key drivers in the modern context for a business to create a Single Customer View are customer mobility (both in their browsing and their loyalty) and data (we have lots of it, what do we do with it?).

In an Irish context, the introduction of Eircode can be a huge boon for organisations to tie together multiple data sources to one address point, allowing for a Single View of Household, even in rural areas with non-unique addressing.

Developing a Single Customer View can allow you to: predict behaviour, improve forecasting, identify preferred marketing channels, deliver granular campaigns, improve customer management and minimise business risk by performing address validation in real-time.

Ireland now has the tools to deliver a first class customer experience, patience will run thin for those companies that cannot provide this experience, and empowered, time-strapped consumers will vote with their feet, or their mouse, and take their custom elsewhere.

If you would like to find out more about how Eircode can help deliver a single customer view to your organisation and how it can drive your business, please contact us on:

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