WEBINAR: AddressLink – A new single-source property data API for the Island of Ireland

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Gamma Location Intelligence, the leading provider of underwriter address-level risk assessment and reporting solutions, is delighted to host GeoInsurance Webinar Series 2021.

The final webinar in the series is focused on the island of Ireland and takes place on Tuesday, 7 December @ 10:00 a.m.

During the session, speakers will introduce AddressLink – a new single-source property data API for the island of Ireland and the challenges and benefits that such a resource can provide in fuelling the next-generation of analytics demands.

Gamma will be joined by representatives from EIRCODE (Alan Dignam), Ordnance Survey Ireland (Hugh Mangan) and Land & Property Services (Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland) (Colin Thompson) in examining how property data will be delivered, consumed and created in Ireland in the future, driving new demands for analysis.

Insights are fuelled by data.

Having trustworthy, accurate and consistent data helps market leaders to make better decisions. AddressLink provides API access to hundreds of spatial datasets at the address level, all managed and curated by Gamma.

Enabling data users across any business function to mitigate risk and make better-informed decisions.

Members of the Gamma team (Feargal O’Neill, Richard Cantwell and Richard Garry) will talk exclusively about the concept, development, use and potential benefits of a unified set of data in aiding organisations analytical objectives.

Property level data has been a utopian paradise outside the reach of all but the largest of businesses. AddressLink looks to level the playing field.

You can use the below link to find out more about the series of webinars that start on 25 November 2021.

@ 2021 Gamma.ie by Jason Day

About Gamma

Gamma is a Location Intelligence (LI) solutions provider that integrates software, data and services to help our clients reduce risk through location intelligence. Established in Dublin, Ireland in 1993, and with offices in Manchester, UK and Bilbao Spain, the company has expanded to become a global provider of cloud-native location intelligent systems and services. Gamma’s Perilfinder™ risk mapping platform provides property underwriters with access to trusted property-level risk data easily, quickly and accurately.