Gamma maps €2M in business growth across the island of Ireland with new AddressLink data solution

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Gamma, a leading location intelligence services and solutions provider, announced earlier this year that it is targeting €2 million in business growth across the island of Ireland with its new service, AddressLink. The company is also expanding its team, with additional hires in the data science and software development teams, to support the rollout of this solution.

AddressLink is a web-based API service that delivers an extensive range of property level data and location intelligence analyses to organisations. In fact, it has access to over 3 billion data points across Ireland and over 10 years’ worth of change information.

Based on an address or Eircode, AddressLink delivers details on the potential perils relating to a specific building (including flood, fire, subsidence and crime) and can provide details around the planning application history of a property.

Moreover, it provides building variables such as height, number of floors, average BER, estimated property value and method of heating. It also includes information relating to a property’s proximity to many services including retailers, fire stations, dangerous building uses and even electric vehicle charging points.

Integrated into Gamma’s client transaction processes via custom APIs, AddressLink enables banks, insurance companies, government organisations, energy providers and telecommunication operators to make better-informed decisions and assessments using high-quality, GDPR-compliant building data.

It is particularly beneficial for assessing climate change impacts and estimating retrofit projects. In fact, Gamma is already partnering with SEAI and BERWOW in delivering the first online retrofit tool, BERWOW, to SSE Airtricity and An Post to help homeowners understand their retrofit options.

As well as growing its customer base in the Republic of Ireland, Gamma plans to roll AddressLink out in Northern Ireland and is currently developing partnerships with relevant data owners and providers. The organisation has long-standing collaborations with Ordnance Survey Northern Ireland, Ordnance Survey Ireland and Eircode. It also works closely with many commercial data providers and has developed several of its own spatial models for the Island of Ireland.

Feargal O’Neill, Chief Executive Officer, Gamma, said: “The race to understand and tackle climate change highlights the need for better and more available property level data. To both avoid the impacts and reduce our greenhouse gases, we need to understand in detail where our property assets are and what characteristics they have.

“AddressLink will support this and enable organisations to understand property-level risk. It is the first all-island property-level API solution and will soon be available in other markets. Developed over the past two years through a GDPR-compliant and ISO-driven process, AddressLink offers a unique data resource for researchers and analysts across the island of Ireland – one that can reduce risk and aid decision-making.”

Further detail of the AddressLink product can be viewed via the webinar recording. Alternatively, please connect with a Gamma representative to gain insight on the data.

ADDRESSLINK: A new single-source property data API for the island of Ireland

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About Gamma

Gamma is a Location Intelligence (LI) solutions provider that integrates software, data and services to help our clients reduce risk through location intelligence. Established in Dublin, Ireland in 1993, and with offices in Manchester, UK and Bilbao Spain, the company has expanded to become a global provider of cloud-native location intelligent systems and services. Gamma’s Perilfinder™ risk mapping platform provides property underwriters with access to trusted property-level risk data easily, quickly and accurately.