Gamma LI Partners with MX Underwriting Europe to Deliver Advanced Windstorm Risk Assessment Solution in Ireland

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Gamma Location Intelligence (Gamma LI), a leading provider of location intelligence and risk assessment technologies, announces a new deal with MX Underwriting Europe, formerly Blackrock Insurance Solutions, a specialist insurance intermediary in Ireland.  

The collaboration will see Gamma LI providing its address-level risk assessment and reporting solution, Perilfinder, to MX Underwriting Europe, enabling the company to assess commercial property risk across perils including flood and windstorm – an emerging consideration for insurers. 

The cloud-native mapping platform provides MX Underwriting Europe with improved accessibility to and visibility of detailed risk insights, while improving efficiency and expediating the quote generation process. 

MX Underwriting Europe’s choice of Perilfinder was driven by its ability to provide underwriters with instant access to crucial flood and windstorm data at the point of quotation. This data is fundamental for the company’s decision-making processes, and the efficiency of Perilfinder allows the underwriting team to review a property location within seconds, thereby enabling accurate assessment and risk pricing. 

Incorporating premium roof top level geocoding, building footprints, superb map visualisation, intuitive risk and accumulation scoring, and powerful spatial hazard models, Perilfinder is the elite cloud-native insurance assessment tool. It also offers associated web services for form prefill and rebuild calculation.  

Richard Garry, Chief Commercial Officer, Gamma Location Intelligence, said: “Collaborating with a forward-thinking company like MX Underwriting Europe, which actively seeks to assess emerging risks like windstorms, allows us to be at the forefront of innovation.  

“Through Perilfinder, we aim to streamline processes, enhance service delivery and foster growth. As emerging risks associated with climate change accelerate, Perilfinder is ideally positioned to provide the insurance sector access to business-critical data, instilling confidence in the decision-making process into the future and protecting the interests of insurance providers.” 

Commenting further on the deal, David Gibson, Commercial Combined Manager at MX Underwriting Europe, said: “I was already familiar with Perilfinder and Gamma LI as a leading provider of location intelligence solutions. So, when we needed a new service provider, I knew exactly who to call.  

“I was really impressed with Perilfinder when I first saw it. The transition to this new platform was expertly managed and we are enthusiastic about the advantages it – and Gamma LI – can bring to our business in the future.” 

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About Gamma Location Intelligence

Gamma Location Intelligence (Gamma LI) is a global provider of innovative, cloud-hosted location intelligence solutions that integrate software, data, and services to help clients reduce risk. Established in Dublin, Ireland in 1993, and with offices in Manchester, UK and Bilbao, Spain, Gamma LI is dedicated to delivering spatial solutions that reduce risk through location intelligence. For more information, visit

About MX Underwriting Europe

MX Underwriting Europe is a fast-growing and data-driven Managing General Agent (MGA), led by highly experienced underwriters. With specialist Liability, Property Combined and Motor Fleet Underwriters, our Commercial team specialise in the insurance requirements of businesses among a plethora of sectors. MX is the underwriting business unit of Specialist Risk Group (SRG), one of the fastest growing insurance intermediaries in Europe.