GeoInsurance Webinar Series

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The GeoInsurance Webinar Series focused on advances in catastrophe modelling, the evolution of risk data, and climate change forecasting in the general insurance and reinsurance sectors. 

GeoInsurance Ireland - Part 1

New Models for New Times
The first webinar will discuss how advances in artificial intelligence are allowing the development of new risk models. We will also get an update from JBA on their new climate change analytics, which model the impact of various climate scenarios over the next 80 years, and Metswift will present their new wind and rainfall models for Ireland. 

GeoInsurance Ireland - Part 2

An Evolution of Risk Data

In this webinar we will present an overview of our latest development, AddressLink, which will become the central data depository for building-level data for Ireland. The information can be used for prefill forms or to validate information already captured. Industry speakers will also discuss the use of geospatial data in parametric insurance and motor fraud modelling. 

GeoInsurance and Climate Change

How Must Our Models Change?

Gamma’s Richard Cantwell will present his recent white papers regarding the effects of climate change on property in the UK & Ireland and its potential impact on the insurance sector.   

The UK white paper combined the latest ground movement models from Terrafirma and Ambiental Risk’s FloodFutures® climate change models to identify which parts of the UK are likely to be impacted by climate change.

Gamma are also delighted to be joined by Dr Barry O’Dwyer from University College Cork, one of Europe’s leading experts on climate change. Dr O’Dwyer will provide an update on recent developments in climate change and their likely impacts on all of us.